Waste of Wonder Park

The Newest thing in the Capital “Delhi”. A unique concept by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). It consist of Replicas of seven wonders of the world which is created by scrap and industrial waste. it is located near Nizammudin Metro Station.

You will be surprised, when you came to know that the idea to build the “Waste of Wonder” comes from the movie “Badrinath ki Dulhaniya”. In this movie the small waste of wonder is featuring in Kota, Rajasthan. The SDMC used Solar Energy to Light up the Park at night. It is a must visit place because everyone should know that our Delhi can make this unique park only from wastage and the scrap can be use like this.

Inside Waste of Wonder

Here are all wonders present in “Waste of Wonder Park”-

1. The “Taj Mahal” which is a real wonder in world is created by broken pipes and benches of parks.

Replica of Taj Mahal
Real Taj Mahal

2. The “Eiffel Tower” of Paris, is made up of almost 40 tonnes of vehicle waste parts of Height 70 feet.

Replica of Eiffel Tower
Real Eiffel Tower, Paris

3. Now you will see that “Colosseum” from ancient Rome, is also available in “Wate of Wonder Park”. It is well designed by all the broken electric poles, metal railings and some other waste materials.

Replica of Colosseum
Real Colosseum, Rome

4. Now, the America’s “Statue of Liberty”. It is made up of Bicycle waste such as chains, metals sheets and other parts.

Replica of Statue of Liberty
Real Statue of Liberty,USA

5. A unique Egyptian wonder, “The Pyramid of Giza” is recreated in Delhi with approx 12 tonnes of scrap angles.

Replica 'Pyramid of Giza'
Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

6. Now its time for “Leaning Tower Of Pisa” of Italy which is made up of cycle rims, old iron pipes and metallic sheets at Waste of Wonder Park. It is inclined to almost 60 to 80 degrees angle.

Replica of "Leaning tower of pisa"
Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

7. Now at Last, “Christ The Redeemer” from Brazil also takes the position in the Waste of Wonder Park. It is made up of many items like destroyed automobiles engines, electric poles and square pipes.

Replica "Christ The Redeemer "
Christ The Redeemer, Brazil

Things Must Do at "Waste of Wonder Park"

1. Most important take as many as possible Selfies and Photos, because of its unique structure.

2. Try to come here with family or friends.

Nearest Metro Station to Waste of Wonder Park

Waste to Wonder Park is located in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van, near Sarai Kale khan. The Nearest Metro Station to “Waste of Wonder Park” is Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station (Pink Line). You can take Richshaw to reach Park or by simply 10-15 minute walk.

Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit “Waste of Wonder Park” is in Evening because at this time all structures glows. And it becomes more attractive.

Points to Remember

1. As there is no food stall inside the Park, so try to come with your food.

2. It is requested to you, Please don’t touch any of these wonders.

3. Try to come on week days instead of weekends due to crowd.

4. Additional Parking Fee will be charged if you are coming with your personal transport.

Entry fee of Waste of Wonder Park

A reasonable price is charged by the authorities that is only 50/- Rs per person. And entry is free for students of only Municipality Schools and senior citizens

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