Delhi Zoo

National Zoological Park also known as Chidiya Ghar (Zoo). Started in 1959, and a great place to hangout for adults, couples and a nice place for children. National Zoological Park is well structured that every person can see all animals and birds easily. Battery Operated Rickshaw are also available at very Reasonable Price. But if you are couple and going with friends try to walk on feet instead of Rickshaw.

Delhi Zoo has mostly all types of animals and Birds. Animals like Swamp Deer, Asiatic Lion, Brow Antlered Deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhinoceros and Red Jungle Fowl.

Animals in Delhi Zoo

In National Zoological Park, there are numbers of Animals like Leopard, Chinkara, Deer Brow, Hippopotamus, Chimpanzee, Jaguar, Wild Bear, Indian rhinoceros, Zebra, Spider monkey, Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Brow Antlered Deer, Swamp Deer, Blackbuck,  Hoolock Gibbon, Lion Tailed Macaque, One-horned rhinoceros, Himalayan black bear and Indian Porcupine are found here.

Now, its time for Birds like, Peafowl, Great Indian Hornbill, Storks Spoonbill and Eagles are available to see them. Special Room or Centre made here for Reptiles, and Snakes. In this Indian star tortoise, Indian Rock Python, Common Rat Snake, Indian Cobra, Diadem Snake and Indian Sand Boa is present here.

By 2008 it had 1347 animals and 127 species.

Entry fee at Delhi Zoo

The Entry Fee of Delhi Zoo is “Rs 40.0” Per Person. And “Rs 20.0” For Children of age 5-12 Years Old.  

Points to Remember

1. Outside Food is Not Allowded. And do not try or give any type of food to any animals.

2. Friday is Holiday for Zoo, don’t go unless you will have to come with disappointment.

3. Timing:

       09:30 AM- 04:00 PM (Saturday -Thrusday)

4. Nearest Metro Station is “Pragati Maidan” then you can take Auto/Rickshaw to reach Zoo.

5. Do not tease animals. And Safety Should be your Priority.

6. Specially Take Care of children.

Photos of Delhi Zoo

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